Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Here's to a swell weekend, whether you're laboring or lounging
... or riding in a car with these two.

Bess, Jason and Michael


  1. You know, B, it just occurred to me that since yet another summer has gone by without you coming down here to visit (ahem) that maybe a post-Labor Day thrifting trip down south might be in order. You know, like American Pickers, only cuter? You could introduce a whole new world of vintage collectibles from the South to the Pittsburgh scene!

  2. M - I was just tell Molly S. that I'd like to take a road trip south and visit you both (she's in Raleigh). I'm working on replacing my Honda this month, so perhaps a fall road trip is in order after I get better wheels - one with a big trunk for gathering lots of S T U F F!

    - Bess