Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Inspired: Cocktails

In honor of the recent fall-like weather in Pittsburgh and this GORGEOUS set of aluminum cups and pitcher listed this morning on Red Pop Shop, here is a yummy recipe for Dark and Stormy Cocktails to fill this pitcher with!


Combine 2 cups dark rum with 3 cups ginger beer (not ginger ale), the juice of 4 limes and a tiny splash of vanilla extract in a pitcher. Serve on the rocks with lime wedges.

Recipe found HERE from Food Network.

My best pal M had this set when we were growing up, and it reminds me of her parents' living room, drinking pop and watching Tom Selleck movies on her Betamax. Mind you, this was far past the era in which this aluminum set was made and obviously her folks had had these for quite some time prior to us getting our early-1980s hands on them. But hey, Selleck's mustache, a wall-to-wall carpet den, a few Barbies and chex mix snacks? Memories are memories!



  1. Before I even read the description I was having flashbacks to the good ol'days in the living room!

  2. Did you guys have the pitcher, too? I remember the cups very well, how they felt to hold a cold drink in, how delicious the Diet Cokes were!

    Got your message about being in town this weekend. Don't know your plans but let's get together for sure.

  3. I don't remember a pitcher, but there may have been one once upon a time - my grandparents had the set first, so the pitcher might have been back in the 'Grift! (the was me trying to make Vandergrift sound cooler - fail).

    I'll call you on Saturday...